Visa woes stall New Zealand’s recovery

BusinessNZ supports calls from industry groups who say a lack of visas is severely impacting sectors nationwide.

Director of Advocacy Catherine Beard says the current border exception process adds layers of complexity to an already struggling immigration system that does not meet the needs of business.

“Industries which have exceptions are still unable to get enough people into the country.

“Like the Meat Industry Association requesting a minimum of 45 visas for halal butchers to continue producing halal meat in New Zealand and only having one third of that approved, or NZ Tech who’s 600 border exceptions only fill 20% of what sector needs.”

Ms Beard says the Government must give businesses greater certainty on their plans for the border and immigration system so that companies can plan for 2022.

“As we’ve seen this week with the 300 teachers who have not been able to make it to New Zealand, the closed border is having major impacts on both the private and public sector delivery of goods and services, from food production to our healthcare system.”

Catherine Beard is Director, Advocacy, BusinessNZ

Contact: Catherine Beard



16 Dec, 2021
| News

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