Trade Update February 2016

It is submission time.

There is not much negotiating going on at present. But preparations for the negotiation with the EU are well underway. And the process of ratification of TPP has begun now that the agreement has been signed.


MFAT is calling for submissions on the proposed FTA negotiation with the EU. These have to be with MFAT by 29 February. ExportNZ supports this negotiation and will be making a submission in support. Members are encouraged to also submit. Details on how to do so can be found here


Now that TPP has been signed the signed text and the National Impact Analysis have been submitted to Parliament. The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee began hearings on 11 February (ExportNZ attended)and has called for public submissions. BusinessNZ and Export New Zealand will be making a substantial submission on this important agreement and will be providing materials to members to assist with their submissions. Given the large number of negative voices on this agreement it will be important that exporters who think that TPP will benefit them submit on this Agreement.Submissions are due by 11 March. Submitters will able to speak to their submissions in front of the Select Committee in due course. Details on the submission process can be found here

Other negotiations

Not much appears to be happening on the India, GCC or China FTA Update fronts. There is some talk around Turkey – which will need to begin a process with New Zealand as a consequence of any EU-New Zealand FTA (Turkey and the EU have a Customs Union applying to non-agricultural goods). The Prime Minister is travelling to Sri Lanka in late February. This is also a potential FTA target.

15 Feb, 2016
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