TPP ratification sends positive message

ExportNZ welcomes the announcement of New Zealand ratifying the Trans Pacific Partnership.

ExportNZ Chair Sir Ken Stevens says the move sends a strong message that New Zealand continues to look outwards and that we value the benefits that come from trade.

“At a time when some countries are looking inward, progressive trading nations like New Zealand are right to be affirming the TPP.

“We should continue with the partnership while leaving the door open for the US to re-join at a later date.”

ExportNZ Executive Director Catherine Beard says exporters in New Zealand will be keen to see the benefits captured with the remaining 11 countries.

“The TPP process was a long hard negotiation and it would be a huge waste if we failed to lock in benefits that remain with the 11-country TPP.

“Japan’s decision to ratify the TPP means better access by New Zealand exporters to that market if the TPP comes into force. Our own decision to ratify supports Japan’s move and sends a positive message to the other remaining TPP countries to do the same.”


11 May, 2017
| News

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