MFAT opens NZ industry submissions for environmental goods

The Environmental Goods Agreement negotiations are at a stage where MFAT is consulting companies on the environmental products list that is under negotiation to ensure it is considering any commercial sensitivities and priorities.NZ is now negotiating with 16 others in the agreement: US, EU, Japan, Korea, China, Iceland, Israel, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chinese Taipei.

Information MFAT is seeking:

  1. Which specific products  have you got an export interest that fit within the below categories. Please include the products Harmonised System (HS) codes and product description. Also, if possible an approximate value of export figures will help us assess the level of interest you have;
  2. If you have an import interest and/or sensitivity to certain products, please outline which categories these are and identify specific products (as well as some description or analysis on how removal of tariffs may impact on you domestically or when competing in other markets overseas). HS codes and product descriptions are welcome.

Interested businesses need to get in touch with MFAT ([email protected]or phone 04 439 7158) by 5pm 31 May. (Negotiations have just started toramp up in pace and MFAT would like to liaise with companies directly to followup on any questions).

Please note MFAT cannotnominate any new products at this late stage of the negotiation. The currentlist is ambitious, however, with 346 products at the HS 6-digit level and stillreflects a lot of New Zealand’s key commercial interests.

Product Categories

Air pollution control (APC)

Cleaner and renewable energy (CRE)

Energy efficiency (EE)

Environmental monitoring, analysis and assessment (EMAA)

Environmental remediation and clean-up (ERC)

Environmentally-preferable products (EPP)

Noise and vibration abatement (NVA)

Resource efficiency (RE)

Solid and hazardous waste management (SHWM)

Wastewater management and water treatment (WMWT)

18 May, 2016
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