Sell Global works with New Zealand companies to take products to the World. Their services are all “done for you”, managing the entire process from assessing products’ suitability for or other platforms, through to logistics, sales, marketing and day to day sales and customer management. 

The Wellington based founders, Hamish Conway and Sophie Howard, run multi-million dollar Amazon businesses across the U.S. and Europe. They are now sharing their expertise, their own offshore teams and systems to help other New Zealand businesses succeed. Their partnership model means you don’t need to divert your own time and people to expand internationally. Sell Global has “skin in the game” and are driven by the success of fellow New Zealand Exporters. 

If you’ve always wondered how well your products might sell on Amazon, or have an existing Amazon presence and sales aren’t as good you’d hoped, go to to register for a free consultation to see what’s possible.

23 Mar, 2016
| News

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