Have you got your New Zealand Business Number Yet?

Have you got your New Zealand Business Number Yet?

Transforming the way Kiwis do business

Imagine one of your suppliers changes a simple bit of contact information – like their phone number. They need to tell a whole host of business contacts, such as their bank, their accountant and Inland Revenue. Will they remember to tell you? Maybe not, which means your information is suddenly out of date. Not very helpful, right?

With the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN), this is no longer an issue.

What’s the NZBN?

The NZBN is a unique identifier for every business in Aotearoa, designed to make it faster and easier for businesses to interact and transact with each other (and with government). Key information about each business, like trading name, address and phone number, is held on the NZBN Register at nzbn.govt.nz, and by connecting to the NZBN, you’ll be notified as soon as one of the organisations you work with updates their information. It’s instant, it’s online, and connecting to the NZBN Register is free. You own the information that’s held about your business on the NZBN Register, so you can easily update these details at any time.

Using the NZBN means that your business, and others you work with, can stop repeating the same manual processes, cut back on data entry errors and keep information up-to-date using one simple tool – the NZBN.

It’s the future of business

As we move towards a truly digital business environment, the NZBN will become increasingly central to the way we do business in New Zealand. By providing your NZBN, everyone in your business network will be able to quickly and easily access the basic information they need in order to work with you.

Over time, the NZBN will enable new services across finance, customer service, procurement, supply chain management and more. These innovations will help businesses improve productivity, add value to products and services and become more connected with each other.

Connecting to the NZBN will save your business time and money, because you can get the right information, about the right organisation, at the right time. To get started visit nzbn.govt.nz now or give us a call on 0508 696 926

29 Jan, 2019
| News

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