FTA Great News for Exporters

FTA Great News for Exporters

Today’s announcement of a new trade deal with the UK is great news, says ExportNZ.

ExportNZ Executive Director Catherine Beard says NZ companies exporting goods to the UK have worked for a long time under costly tariff rules, and will welcome the agreement which will remove almost all tariffs by the end of the year.

“Our half-billion dollar wine exports will be worth significantly more. Dairy and meat exports will be free from tariffs for the first time in 50 years.  And our exporters will find it easier to do business in the UK under new rules for movement of business people.

“We have a long history of trade dealings with the UK, and have faced stiff tariffs on key exports since the time of the UK’s joining the European Economic Community. Having that tariff burden finally lifted is historic news.

“Exporters will be congratulating Minister of Trade, Damien O’Connor and the officials who worked on the deal through Covid-19, along with their UK counterparts,” Catherine Beard said.




1 Mar, 2022
| News

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