Food Quality and Food Safety consultancy

Food Quality and Food Safety consultancy

The European Union is the second largest economy in the world with 500 million consumers. The Netherlands – one of the founding countries – has an international orientation, a high skilled labour force and therefore is a perfect hub for so-called third countries to enter the market of the European Union. As the largest exporter of the EU of Agri and food the Netherlands are worldwide acknowledged for their high-quality knowledge and technology in this area.

KTBA is a Food Quality and Food Safety consultancy company with the headquarters based in the Netherlands. KTBA has broad experience delivering (export) services to international producers, retailers and brokers.

KTBA LabelCompliance

KTBA LabelCompliance offers a full range of labelling solutions, ranging from label concept to label approval.  When you want to export to the EU, we can help you at the start of your product and label development. We also offer label review and consulting services at a later stage. Although rooted in the Food industry, our product portfolio also includes non-food (detergents, cosmetics, textiles etc). In fact we can help you with all products that are sold in the supermarket.

Label & nutrition services:

  • Nutritional information
  • Ingredient statements
  • Allergens
  • Label claims
  • Product naming
  • EU compliance
  • Individual EU member state compliance
  • Translation services

Private label:

We know how most EU retailers operate and which systems and protocols they have in place so we can help you entering the data in their IT systems or review the data you have entered yourself.

LabelCompliance employs 55 employees (BSc, MSc level) all with a profound knowledge of the EU legislation regarding product information.

KTBA QA consultancy:

Our staff knows all major certification schemes used in the EU like BRC, IFS, ISO 22000 and more. Our consultants are familiar with FSMA and PCQI standards which makes it easy to build bridges between US an EU legislation. Complying to these schedules surely helps you getting your products to be accepted in the EU market. In addition, our consultants can also perform a raw material & process risk evaluation on your products.

KTBA QA consultancy employs more than 100 Food Safety specialists (BSc, MSc).

Training & courses

We offer an extensive training program (on site, off site, online) in the areas of Food safety, compliance and legislation.

Using one or more of the export services KTBA provides, ensures you that your product meets all the requirements and European Legislations to smoothly enter the 500 million consumer market.

For more details:

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22 Mar, 2019
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