ExportNZ welcomes introduction of U.S. legislation to facilitate trade agreements

ExportNZ Executive Director Catherine Beard says the introduction of bipartisan legislation in Congress to re-establish Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) – trade legislation that facilitates the negotiation and implementation of U.S. trade agreements – is welcome news.

“There is still work to be done to pass this legislation, but this is an important step in that direction. We understand we are close to the final stages of the TPP negotiation. If the Obama Administration is able to receive TPA, it might be possible to resolve outstanding differences relatively quickly.

“A conclusion to TPP will be good for New Zealand – particularly vis a vis the US, Canada, Mexico and Japan markets, where some competitors have FTAs and we don’t. It will also be good for the entire Asia Pacific region.”

Further information: Catherine Beard 027 463 3212

17 Apr, 2015
| News

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