E.A.T. Breakfast ‘Bringing Sustainability into Business’

E.A.T. Breakfast ‘Bringing Sustainability into Business’

E.A.T. Breakfast ‘Bringing Sustainability into Business’

Come and join us on the 1st of August for our E.A.T (Export. Associate. Talk.) Breakfast on “Bringing Sustainability into Business”

Sustainability is a hot topic right now, both in business and in everyday life, and for good reason! Getting up to date with what’s happening in the Sustainability space is key to ensuring the longevity of our exporting businesses and communities.

Join us for a delicious Breakfast over which you will hear four inspiring presenters talk about their experience within Sustainability, what that means to them and how you can incorporate their learning into your everyday life and business practices.


Rachel Depree – Manager- Climate, Sustainable Business Council
Rachel leads SBC’s climate action work programme, which focuses on climate leadership and working with their members on their transition to a low carbon economy. SBC’s purpose is to help business be the best for New Zealand and the world.  SBC focuses on six key areas: Sustainable Leadership, Climate Change, Social Impact, Consumer Decision-making, Natural Resources and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They help their members ‘mainstream sustainability’ within their businesses and create a community of positive change, while aiming to make sustainability accessible and inspiring for the wider NZ business community.

Glen Crowther – BOP Regional Manager, Sustainable Business Network
Glen is the Regional Manager in the Bay of Plenty for the Sustainable Business Network (SBN). Having worked over the past couple of decades in the education, environment and health sectors, he’s learnt that the best way to apply sustainability principles is in the context of local communities and their needs. Glen believes innovative businesses will lead the transition to a new economic paradigm. He is keen to be part of that process in the Bay, working with local businesses and community networks.

Alister Hawkey – Executive Director, Trevelyan’s
Alister is the Executive Director and previous CEO of Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool Ltd. Trevelyan’s implemented a Sustainability framework in their business in 2011 with the aim of becoming a more responsible business that is profitable, looks after its people and cares for the environment. This has been very successful to date and is now becoming business as usual for them.They are encouraged to see Sustainability becoming more mainstream and encourage others to adopt this framework and become a more responsible business.

Carol Ward – Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, Zespri
Carol Ward joined Zespri in April 2002. After holding various roles within Zespri such as Global Marketing Manager for Gold, Planning and Supply Manager, Director Corporate and Grower Services, General Manager Marketing, General Manager for Innovation and positions overseas in Antwerp, Taiwan and Singapore, Carol was appointed Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer in 2018 to lead Zespri’s Sustainability initiative.

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