ASEAN – The Rising Star – Export Workshop, Wellington

ASEAN – The Rising Star – Export Workshop, Wellington

ASEAN – The Rising Star – Export Workshop, Wellington

ASEAN, The Rising Star

This is a 3.5-hour fully funded workshop focusing on the growing markets of Southeast Asia. The workshop will equip you to tap into the expert academic knowledge of the facilitators, as well as learn from other experienced Kiwi exporters, as you discover the exciting opportunities, benefits and challenges of doing business with this region.  The topics we will cover include:

  • Trading environments, key aspects of cultures and how to do business in these markets
  • Key insights about in-market competition
  • Identifying opportunities and market entry strategies
  • First-hand experiences from other Kiwi exporters
  • Networking opportunities and the potential to connect to the ASEAN region through the SEA CAPE alumni network.

Meet your speakers

Dr. Fandy Tjiptono is an Associate Professor at Victoria University of Wellington with 25+ years of teaching experience in marketing and management. His interests are primarily in consumer behaviour and marketing practices in emerging markets, and he has 12+ years of consulting experience in Indonesia.  Dr. Tjiptono is also a member of the Academic Advisory Team of Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.

        Dr Benjamin Fath is a Senior Lecturer in Management and International Business in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Auckland. His research has included the growth, internationalisation and innovation in New Zealand SMEs. He has been involved in a series of large-scale survey and interview studies that investigated management challenges in SMEs operating from small economies. His recent research has been on how the economic re-emergence of Asia influences New Zealand SMEs. This has informed a number of courses at the Business School on research methods, entrepreneurship and competing in Asia; as well as practitioner workshops across the country.

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