Tekplas’s New Sustainability Implementation

Tekplas’s New Sustainability Implementation

Tekplas is proudly New Zealand owned and operates two purpose-built facilities, conveniently located in the main industrial areas of Canterbury and Waikato. Impressively, they have recently moved into a new high spec, industry leading facility located at Hamilton Airport.

Although – like many business’s – COVID has impeded sales, this has not prevented Tekplas from implementing their new sustainability plan.

To reduce costs many manufactures are looking towards robotics. However, Tekplas have an entirely different view on robotics. This view takes advantage of how automation can make their environment cleaner and prevent cross contamination. Tekplas have acknowledged how critical this is for their path forward and upholding their class 7 certification. Additionally, Tekplas has now achieved their environmental pledge resulting in 100% of all products recyclable within New Zealand.

The result – clean, un-contaminated products which are sustainable and friendly to our environment.

11 Nov, 2021

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