Self-Certification Pilot with China Customs

New Zealand Customs is developing a self-certification option with China Customs.

Self-certification is where an exporter completes the Certificate of Origin and sends it directly to the overseas agency, who will in turn engage them directly if any clarification is needed.

Currently, Certificate of Origin data is sent to China Customs via the Joint Electronics Verification System (JEVS), which is managed by NZ Customs Service.

Self-certification will use an amended version of this system called ‘JEVS Self-Service’, and it will be available for exporters approved by NZ Customs Service.

New Zealand Customs are in the process of developing the system and planning to test the service shortly. There will be two ways to connect: frequent exporters might like to use a direct connection to JEVS Self-Service, and for small to medium size enterprises New Zealand Customs are developing a web-based interface.

Self-certification will be possible as part of the New Zealand/China FTA upgrade. The upgrade will provide better conditions for services exporters, improved market access for goods, a reduction in other barriers affecting NZ exports and new areas of cooperation.

If you would like to register your interest in using self-service or even participate in the pilot programme, please contact the New Zealand Customs Export team on: [email protected]

4 Sep, 2020

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