UK Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s shares insights

UK Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s shares insights

Annie Graham, Head of Brand for Sainsbury’s – Sustainability, Agriculture and Health, visited New Zealand recently with an interest in sourcing New Zealand lamb in the off-season. She also joined a range of business representatives at a BusinessNZ roundtable to share her perspective and sustainable business insight.

If you’re a food producer or in the agriculture sector it’s useful to know what you can do to be a supplier of choice to these leading retailers. Sainsbury’s goal is safer, tastier, fresher food, backed by their long-held reputation for quality. It also has a triple bottom line: to be environmentally sustainable, economically sustainable and socially sustainable.

The scale of its operations and customer base is so large that it can dictate that the most popular things in shopping baskets are made healthier – e.g. its own brand introduced 1% fat milk, and sales soared.

Annie said New Zealand has a good reputation for integrity, and is seen as being proactive at responding to the marketplace and customer needs – e.g. welfare standards and food safety standards.


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