Insights on China – sector consumer reports available

Insights on China – sector consumer reports available

Revealing the consumption, lifestyle, spending and media habits of consumers across China

Like thousands of businesses throughout the world, many New Zealand exporters have recognized the enormous opportunity that awaits in China. The numbers are simple: China is now the world’s #2 economy, and is set to become the world’s third largest domestic consumer market. China is at the heart of Asia’s growth, and is the region in the world which has rebounded from the GFC faster and stronger than anywhere else. Marketers worldwide are looking to China to identify business opportunities either to enter China or strengthen their position in this vibrant economy.

However, the differences between the Chinese and New Zealand markets are immense, raising vital questions for New Zealand exporters that must surely keep more than a few awake at night – ask yourself these questions and see how easily you can satisfactorily answer them…

  • How can you estimate China’s market potential for your specific products?
  • What should be your expansion strategy? What are the trends?
  • How are your branded products perceived and consumed? What about competitors?
  • What’s the best way for cross-selling and promoting?
  • What new product development opportunities exist?
  • What should you be doing to engage digital consumers leverage media behaviors across the whole of China; and make sure your marketing spending is optimized?

The answers to these questions need to be based on sound data if they are to be effective. However, running one’s own private survey of the Chinese market for this information would be prohibitively expensive for most companies both in New Zealand and overseas.

Therefore, market research company IPSOS (formerly Synovate) is pleased to be able to offer New Zealand exporters the latest and most comprehensive study into the Chinese market. We can now offer New Zealand businesses a study of unprecedented scale of consumer behaviour, spending and media across all major industry sectors in China. Covering 88 cities across all city tiers with a total annual sample of 66,000 consumers being built up quarter by quarter, it is the most comprehensive study on Chinese consumers to date.

The research…

  • Covers 66,000 people in 88 cities across all five city tiers in China – it’s a complete window to consumers right across China.
  • Allows marketers to access resources and to go to places they simply couldn’t afford to do on their own – and reach their objective.
  • Guides smart marketers to the opportunities ahead such as city tier expansion; market sizing; and growth trends.
  • Helps define and understand who are a category and a brand’s consumers – and we have a growing photo library which brings these consumers to life.
  • Provides fast insights into consumer passion points, lifestyle and psychographics. It’s a rich source to identify partnerships for mutual co-promotion. And how to connect to them through media which matters to the consumer, including deep dives into digital media and even word of mouth.

There are 15 sector reports available, covering 134 products and 1000+ brands. Each sector report is analysed by product usage, brand awareness, consideration, usage and preference data; demographics; lifestyle and attitudinal data; media usage and engagement.

Each Instant Insights China Sector Report includes a standard PDF report with charts and further data provided in EXCEL tables – so contact IPSOS by calling Jonathan Dodd on 021 538 634 or emailing [email protected].


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