ExportNZ’s National Exporter Survey 2014

ExportNZ’s National Exporter Survey 2014

ExportNZ’s National Exporter Survey 2014

The 2014 Exporters Survey was in the field between August and October 2014. There were 124 responses with the majority identifying themselves as manufacturers (69%) with the second biggest category being from the Agriculture, Forestry or Fishing sectors, 11%. There was a good spread of large, medium and small exporters that responded to the survey. The following outlines the main findings of the survey Business Outlook Positive.

In the next 12 months the majority (76%) said they expected business profitability to improve, 19% stay the same and 4% to deteriorate. Most (53%) expected their business to employ more people with 37% employing the same and only a small number reducing staff (9.7%).

While the majority (73%) are able to access enough skilled staff to grow their business, quite a few (27%) said this is a constraint.

For exporters of both goods and services, the majority (57.9) said the goods exports had grown faster and 42% said their services exports had grown faster.

In the next twelve months, the majority expected their orders across all markets to increase; either slowly (51%) or substantially (31%).

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