Easy Chinese/Mandarin Learning

Easy Chinese/Mandarin Learning

Easy Chinese/Mandarin Learning

Donald’s Chinese Class


  • 4 years Chinese language major graduate from Xiamen University with 10 years’ book publishing house Chinese literature editor experiences
  • Graduate with UCOL Teaching Certification

Learning and Teaching Approaches

  • Small groups/Various levels
  • Very affordable price (mostly $5 of each class on promotion purpose at present)
  • Campus learning (Lectures/Tutorials) with interactive activities such as video clips, presentations, group works, role players etc.
  • Web based learning (Moodle with interactive learning on line)
  • Self-directed learning (home works or exercises)

Course Aim: To enable students to acquire and demonstrate entry/upper level of listening speaking, reading and writing capabilities of Mandarin.

Course Options:

  • Free Chinese learning Course (Introduction Course, 6 Classes)
  • Comprehensive Chinese language (Mandarin) Course
  • Life Chinese Training Course (Basic Chinese for Travelers & Business People)
  • HSK Chinese courses (Help learners to sit in China’s National Standardized Test)
  • NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Chinese level course
  • One Personal Counseling (20/40/80 hours)

Website:  https://chinese.moodlecloud.com  (Web learning)

                          https://chalkle.com/chinesepn   (Campus learning)

                         (Palmerston North base, more locations being considered)               

        Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/chinesepn

        Email:           Donald’s Chinese Class

Chinese (Mandarin) Teaching plan

(Practical Chinese for Traveller’s & Business People Course)


Level: beginners

Duration (per enrollment):

  • 16 hours Lecturer supported learning                                             
  • 20 hours Self- Directed Learning (Independent Learning)

Teaching purpose

  • Life Series of Chinese Courses include live Chinese, Chinese shopping, Chinese dinning, Chinese banking, Chinese accommodation, Chinese transportation, Campus Chinese, Chinese housewives, Sports Chinese, Chinese in computers. In short fun features, to provide a rich curriculum for learners.
  • Life Series of Chinese Courses can make learners to learn Chinese by conversations contents. Also the course teaches Chinese language and cultural knowledge which is essentially required to travel in China to help students overcome the language barriers of culture, transportation, accommodation and other major issues which Chinese tourism encounters.

Learning Outcomes


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate foundation knowledge of Mandarin Pinyin phonetics (sounds and tones) and pinyin Romanization.
  • Demonstrate foundation knowledge and relevant applications of Chinese characters, vocabulary items, expressions and common grammar points.
  • Demonstrate the application ability of listening/speaking comprehension in Mandarin Chinese conversations at beginners’ level.
  • Demonstrate a basic ability to understanding about Chinese culture issues.

Learning and Teaching Approaches

The content will be delivered using a range of teaching methods, which may include:

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Web based learning (such as Moodle with interactive on line quizzes, forum)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous interactive activities such as video clips, presentations, group works, role players etc.
  • Self-directed learning


  • Once a week (2 hours per session)
  • Duration: 8 weeks for individual enrollment
  • Total: 16 hours teaching time/20 hours independent learning


  • 150 minutes’ homework every week which will be divided into 5 days to complete

Class attendance forms

  • Small groups’ course delivery

Course Materials

  • Will be sent to students prior the class.

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