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Tech Safe was selected by the New Zealand Government to deliver a programme to improve the cyber-security of businesses to help them meet the objectives of the government’s cyber security strategy

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Waka Kuaka

Waka Kuaka

Market Access and regulatory specialised consultant services for manufacturers and exporters in the animal products, processed food and beverage and animal feeds export sectors.

Waka Kuaka brings food and animal product businesses the expertise they need to facilitate business planning through a greater understanding and clarity of market access and export processes applying to your particular product range. Kathy Lloyd brings years of experience and success working in government on behalf of New Zealand exporters, and can help you manage the regulatory side of export and import processes, and build relationships and confidence in engaging with regulatory authorities in New Zealand and overseas. Kathy’s vision is to add value to your business both through reducing costs of uncertainty, delays and overseas rejections, and by growing your business confidence and capacity.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, new to exporting, new products or new markets, or simply want to build capacity of technical teams, Kathy is keen to hear from you. Contact her to discuss your particular needs and how she can help your business reach your export goals.

Taiwan – a land of opportunities

Taiwan – a land of opportunities

Take advantage of the economic cooperation agreement with Taiwan. Any tariffs have been slashed and will be zero very soon. Check out the opportunities on this very helpful website to find the connections you need to do business.

Taiwan – a land of opportunities

The evolution of China’s E-commerce marketplaces

China is the world’s largest e-commerce market. The number of online shoppers in China surpassed 417 million in 2015, hitting $590 billion USD in online retail transactions. Not only has online shopping grown more than 12 times over the past five years, e-commerce contributed almost 30% of China’s GDP growth in 2015. With online sales growing at a rate of over 50% per year, it’s no wonder every economy in the world is analysing China’s booming e-commerce industry, with a hope of tasting a slice (or two) of the growing pie.

Taiwan – a land of opportunities

OCCAM – China Training for Business – Government – Individuals

Occam has developed training for over 200 China topics for westerners covering a comprehensive range of business needs and activities. Training includes both specific business knowledge and any necessary soft skills learning for participants to combine with their existing skills ensuring they can successfully apply the training to be successful in China.

No wonder SMEs struggle with innovation

No wonder SMEs struggle with innovation

For most SMEs, it is enough of a struggle trying to survive in a competitive market and generate a profit commensurate with the effort and risk, without the significant drain in time, effort and resources that research and development involves.

HiFX Currency Services

HiFX Currency Services

HiFX are a trusted global payments and foreign exchange specialist with a reputation for providing consistently competitive exchange rates and tailored currency advice to over 100,000 private individuals and businesses worldwide.

Taiwan – a land of opportunities

ISDS and Sovereignty

ISDS and sovereignty, a report commissioned by ExportNZ on the role of investor-state dispute provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership and other free trade agreements.

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