New Zealand Custom Service

New Zealand Custom Service

Customs helping New Zealand exporters save time and money

NZ export entries that carry the Secure Exports Scheme (SES) seal are treated as trusted and secure because they meet the international security requirements of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Since the scheme was set up in NZ, more than $159 billion of NZ exports have carried the approved Secure Exports Scheme (SES) seal. This has reduced inspection and interventions time at borders and ports and saved 133 NZ exporters who are SES Partners nearly $5 million in export transactions fees.

Customs organisations that recognise the SES scheme remove independent and expensive checking to ensure exports comply with international security standards. Data shows that any sea or air freight container without the SES seal is six times more likely to be inspected in NZ, and seven times more likely to be inspected in China.

To learn more and register your interest in the scheme, visit the Customs website link or email: [email protected]

3 May, 2021

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