Southeast Asia Vietnam Market Readiness Workshop

Southeast Asia Vietnam Market Readiness Workshop

Southeast Asia Vietnam Market Readiness Workshop

The Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (SEA CAPE) and ExportNZ cordially invite you to attend this great one day workshop focused on doing business in Vietnam.

As one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies, Vietnam is dynamic and bursting with potential. This workshop provides insights into the challenges and opportunities that Vietnam presents for NZ businesses.

Topics of the day include:

*Vietnam’s macro and business environments
*Cultural challenges and challenges of conducting business in Vietnam for NZ businesses
*Developments in the Vietnamese market and implications
*Competitive dynamics in the Vietnamese market and how best to analyse competition.

The facilitators will be available throughout the workshop to answer any of your questions relating to this exciting market.


Dr Benjamin Fath
Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland Business School
Ben’s interest in growing New Zealand businesses stems from more than a decade of scholarship investigating innovation, internationalisation and competitiveness of NZ SMEs. His focus is on the evolution of markets, strategic management capabilities and evidence based decision making. In collaboration with scholars at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, Ben has undertaken a series of studies in New Zealand and Europe to better understand how strategic thinking helps SMEs to thrive in changing environments.

Dr Michelle Renton
Lecturer at the School of Marketing and International Business at Victoria University of Wellington.
Michelle’s research interests include marketing innovation, strategic marketing, brand management and branding in SMEs. Michelle teaches undergraduate courses in marketing principles, marketing communications and business to business marketing. She was named Victoria Business School’s Top Lecturer by VUW’s Student Association in 2018.

Dr Thu Phuong Truong
Senior lecturer with the School of Accounting and Commercial Law at Victoria University of Wellington.
Phuong’s research interests include financial regulation, corporate governance, corporate disclosure, corporate strategy and firm valuation, and she has been a member of the management committee of the Quantitative Accounting Research Network in New Zealand since 2012.

The Market Readiness Programme
This workshop is one of a suite of three modules that make up the Southeast Asia CAPE’s Market Readiness Programme. Each module (ASEAN, ASEAN Innovation, Vietnam) gives you the opportunity to tap into expert knowledge provided by academics and industry professionals. You’ll also benefit from networking with other individuals and businesses participating in the programme.

Value for your business

  • Gain culture-specific insights into current or potential overseas market(s) in Southeast Asia.
  • Extend your professional knowledge through the workshops delivered by market experts.
  • Network with other businesses participating in the programme.
  • Connect with the SEA CAPE (as alumni) and build further networks.

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