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Discover the 4 Keys for success on Amazon and how you can apply these to grow your sales.

If you are selling on Amazon, or considering it, then you need to know how to stack the odds in your favour.

Only 3 per cent of companies selling on Amazon succeed long term. Why is that?

Like a lot of things in business, too many people take it lightly, make assumptions and they fail to learn the right way to set up and launch. Then, they give up because it gets too hard, or the result never comes.

Amazon is the perfect pathway to new markets such as USA, UK, Europe and Australia… when it’s done right.

At this workshop you’ll learn the right way to set up and launch on Amazon to create six or seven-figure sales channel on Amazon.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn at this ALL NEW 90-minute action-packed session;

  • How the money flow works on Amazon and what margins can you expect.
  • Your selling options on Amazon and the Pro’s and Con’s of each
  • How using Amazon fulfilment takes away the ‘last mile dilemma’.
  • How to position your brand on Amazon to stand out from the crowd.
  • Mistakes sellers make with their image stacks. Not the obvious ones, but the subtle things that are less obvious and can sabotage sales.
  • The expansion of advertising options on Amazon and what is coming down the pipeline.
  • What Amazon countries to pay attention to right now.
  • An Amazon Australia update and growth numbers that may surprise you.
  • Understand the steps and timeframes to get started selling on Amazon
  • How to know if your product and brand will be successful on the platform.

If you are selling on Amazon already, you’ll leave with strategies and tactics you can apply straight away to sell more. If you are not yet selling on Amazon, you’ll see what is possible for your brand and how the Amazon platform is one of the best ways to access new export markets.

About Your Presenter

Hamish Conway – Sell Global

Hamish started selling on Amazon in 2013 and in his first full year achieved $1.2 million in sales on the platform. In 2016 he started Sell Global to help brands take advantage of the Amazon opportunity. He and his experienced team have since worked closely with more than 200 brands in New Zealand and Australia to help them set up, launch and succeed on Amazon in the USA, Australia, UK and Europe.

His perspective of what works, what to avoid and how to do it right is unrivalled in Australasia. Amazon is a constantly changing beast. By having a specialist focus on Amazon, being on the platform daily, making sales, solving challenges and experimenting, the knowledge gained can save you time and money when you set up and launch on Amazon.

To register, email Amanda Liddle at [email protected].

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