S-Series: Creating a Sustainable Future for Manufacturing

S-Series: Creating a Sustainable Future for Manufacturing

S-Series: Creating a Sustainable Future for Manufacturing

As ESG — environmental, social and governance — issues become more of a concern for manufacturers, the importance of sustainable processes and pursuit of carbon-neutral practices will become more prominent.

Expectations for reporting on diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics in manufacturing will likely continue to rise. To attract talent and appeal to workforce expectations, most manufacturers are making ESG efforts more visible. Depending on a manufacturer’s end markets, environmental accountability is increasingly a focus. To develop and deliver against net-zero or carbon-neutral goals, more organizations are dedicating or redesigning sustainability roles and initiatives and quantifying efforts and results around energy consumption.

Our presenters will share how they are responding proactively to the fast-evolving ESG landscape to stay ahead of the change and create competitive advantage.

Presenters: Each webinar will have 3 presenters speaking for 15 mins each plus Q&A.

Dr Kirstine Hulse
General Manager Health & Safety, People and Sustainability
Bremworth Limited

Kirstine originally qualified as a chemical and material engineer before completing a PhD in Switzerland focusing on process optimisation of carbon anodes used in Aluminum smelters. She also has a Masters In Safety Leadership from Griffith University. Kirstine has had broad experience in high-risk and heavy manufacturing industries leading sustainability, people, operations and risk functions. She has a keen interest in innovation, and building organizational capability using a research-based science approach. Currently she is GM – Health & Safety, People and Sustainability for Bremworth, an iconic NZX listed manufacturer of carpet and rugs that specializes in New Zealand wool.

Louise Nash
Chief Executive Office

Louise Nash is the founder and CEO of Circularity, a circular economy transformation agency – dedicated to radically redesigning business as usual by designing out waste and regenerating living systems to ensure our planet is maintained within 1.5 degrees. Circularity has become a trusted partner of choice for governments, businesses, and innovators to move the theory into action across policy, resources, products, supply chains and stakeholder relationships. Louise’s career for 20 years was working with brands and businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States where she developed growth strategies through insights, human connections and digital technologies. Through the completion of a Masters of Technological Futures, she studied the technological opportunity for the circular economy and developed the Circular by Design methods. She used these six methods with businesses to enable them to access the $4.5 trillion circular economy opportunity while reducing their emissions. Louise is a recognised speaker globally on the circular economy, supply chains and future business strategies.

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