North Asia Partnership Workshop

North Asia Partnership Workshop

North Asia Partnership Workshop

Three of our top 5 trading partners are located in North Asia. China, Japan and South Korea jointly have about the same GDP as the United States.

This workshop will build your knowledge on how to form fruitful business relationships within this attractive region. It will give you insights into navigating personal business relationship in the region to learn about the market and to achieve sustainable growth.

Why should you register?

  • Everyone who wants to gain insights into how to identify suitable business partners, and maintain the relationship over time to maximize their learning about opportunities in the market through business partners.
  • Come to discuss consumer research, case studies and insights from market experts to look at ways you can strengthen your understanding and approach to the Japan market.
  • Gain valuable insights how other businesses have achieved growth in this dynamic market.

Please note this is a two-part session

Day 1: Thursday 28th April [8:30am – 12:00pm]

Day 2: Thursday 5th May [8:30am – 12:00pm]

ExportNZ has partnered with the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence to bring you this event.

Online Workshop held via Zoom

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