Masterclass – The Practicalities of Product Launches

Masterclass – The Practicalities of Product Launches

Masterclass – The Practicalities of Product Launches

Get your new product from ‘production ready’ to ‘sales ready’.

There are many strategies to choose from when getting your product ready to launch that talk about correctly identifying and finding your customers to making sure your supply chain is ready to handle the impending demand.

But there is a black hole of practicalities that these theories and strategies don’t cover around the HOW’s of getting your company, especially sales and marketing, prepared to sell your product.

Our Facilitators, Sally and Jayne have expertise in B2B partnerships and bring a refreshing “from the trenches” look at mission critical steps to support a product launch. You will learn practical methods on how to communicate your product to sales and marketing effectively so that their efforts are in line with and support the launch strategy you decide to use for your product.

Topics covered:
– When in the product development life cycle is the sweet spot to bring in sales and marketing?
– Turn your customer testing results into content sales and marketing can use.
– Managing offshore sales teams, distributors & partners.
– The art of Change Management. How to help your staff see this new product as a new opportunity and not as a threat to business as usual.


  • Sally Lai is the champion of Innovation at More4Apps (a Waikato-based global software development company)
  • Jayne Perry, Global Marketing Manager at More4Apps

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