Masterclass – Developing your Tradeshow

Masterclass – Developing your Tradeshow

Masterclass – Developing your Tradeshow

Have you considered what you really want out of your attendance at a Tradeshow?

This Masterclass will show you how to make Trade Shows the cornerstone of your customer strategy.

Strategic planning and implementation consumes a massive amount of resource – it is not simply a task for a single event coordinator (even if you have a dedicated one).

Involvement is necessary across all functions to ensure that the Trade Show strategy aligns with the Markets strategy and Company strategy – providing clear direction of what the Trade Show needs to achieve.  After all, there is no point expecting the world from a Trade Show when you don’t have a clear strategy surrounding it.

This Master Class will appeal not only to those who manage the Sales and Marketing function, but also those who set and drive the strategic focus.  This approach has been used to secure customers such as Starbucks, Garmin, Emirates and 7-Eleven.  Investing the right resources across the company and thinking in attending a Trade Show is mandatory for an acceptable ROI.

This session will cover

1. What is the makeup of those attending trade shows – proportion of customers to existing customers to those ‘new to you’.  How do you streamline your focus?

2. The customer journey and where an event such as a trade show MUST deliver upon.

3. Communications Strategy: The art of storytelling – how does this work with the audience? How do you talk to them?

4. What are the competencies you need in the team?  How do you get the delivery of the campaign successful while hunting out opportunities around the event?

5. Tracking performance of a trade show – building objectives and attributing spend to the relevant focus.  What proportion do you need to attribute to brand, to lead generation, to customer retention?  It is a challenge, but there is a way to do it

Facilitator Bio’s:

Jayne Perry 

Jayne Perry, Global Marketing Manager at More4Apps (a software development company), leading a team of six in a multi-channel and multi-region sales environment. Jayne is well-versed in the Business to Business (B2B) environment, having worked in companies such as Halifax Bank of Scotland, American Express and Fonterra, across London, Wales and in New Zealand.

Jayne has a Bachelor of Arts from Otago University along with a Diploma in Marketing Strategy and International Business from Auckland University.

On a personal note… Jayne loves all things boating (which is ironic since she now lives in landlocked Hamilton). Seeking a challenge in her younger years Jayne threw caution to the wind to sail around the world, racing in a 72ft yacht in Global Challenge 2004/05

Jenny MacGregor

Jenny MacGregor is the master crafter of More4Apps conferences and partnerships.  In the Oracle ecosystem user group conferences and publications are the key methods to talk about enhancements and innovations.  For a business whose customers form this group, it is vital that this relationship is nurtured and valued. 

In order to manage our 40-60 International conferences a year, a significant level of detail and logistics is required – and this all needs to happen in a timely and ROI appreciative way.  It is a massive workload, but More4Apps realises that it needs to happen centrally from the Hamilton Development House so that the coordinator has access to all of the product and people resource.  Jenny has been pivotal in successfully managing this from a location where our customers and these events are geographically removed.

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