Korea Strategy Builder Workshop

Korea Strategy Builder Workshop

Korea Strategy Builder Workshop

South Korea is a leading, often trendsetting, market in Asia. It is also New Zealand’s 6th largest export destination. This market is evolving quickly, accelerated by Covid-19, and taking advantage of opportunities in this fast-paced environment demands proactive responsiveness of business practitioners.

This workshop provides an opportunity to gain and refine insights into this highly dynamic and complex market as well as to interact and share experiences with NZ businesses and market experts. The workshop is an immersive experience where the latest market insights and case studies will be used to frame and curate discussions about current and future opportunities. The workshop will provide an overview of how the current Covid-19 crisis may impact on business opportunities in South Korea.

Why should you register?
You will have an opportunity to apply market-specific insights to your business.
It is an opportunity to extend your network, share ideas and refine your market knowledge through discussions with experienced executives.
You will gain valuable insights into how other businesses have achieved growth in this dynamic market.

This programme mainly targets NZ business practitioners who would like to further increase their knowledge about the South Korea market as well as those who have gained general exporting experience in other markets and now want to enter South Korea.


Antje Fiedler

Dr Antje Fiedler is Senior Lecturer in the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at The University of Auckland. Her research interests include growth and internationalisation of firms, with a focus on emerging Asia, and employment relations. Antje is a member of the New Zealand Asia Institute and the Director of the China Studies Centre of The University of Auckland. She is a member of the Academic Advisory Team of the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence. Her work has been published in international journals, such as New Political Economy, Human Relations and the International Small Business Journal.

Benjamin Fath

Dr Benjamin Fath is with the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at The University of Auckland where he teaches on the MBA program. He has researched innovation, internationalisation and growth of NZ businesses for over a decade. His work has been published in journals including Australian Journal of Management, Human Relations, and the International Small Business Journal. Based on his research, he has designed and facilitated many practitioner workshops on business growth in Asia.

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