Callaghan Innovation IoT Technology Roadshow

Callaghan Innovation IoT Technology Roadshow

Callaghan Innovation IoT Technology Roadshow

Callaghan Innovation’s mission is to help New Zealand businesses succeed through technology. Callaghan Innovation and EMA will be hosting a workshop to share knowledge and help NZ businesses take advantage of opportunities.

Making Sense – Sensors and Transducers
Sensors are everywhere, from personal devices to home appliances, from buildings to equipment and from farm yard to milking shed. Sensing technologies are transforming our abilities to make sense where we cannot touch, hear or see. This talk will provide a brief insight into our world of sensors and transducers at Callaghan Innovation, and how we help New Zealand businesses like yours to improve quality and productivity, and to create game-changing new products and services using sensing technologies.

Making it small – Miniature Devices
You probably have guessed that every high-tech device contains miniature components. These components consume less resource and power and are more easily integrated into other devices. Find out what role miniature devices plays in IoT devices, microsensors, medical equipment, wearable technology in our ever increasingly connected world, and see examples of miniature devices driving big ambitions for New Zealand businesses.

Making it fast, safe and local – Edge Computing
From smart homes to smart drones, from smart manufacturing to intelligent retail, the amount of data we are collecting is exploding. In a typical centralised system, transport of very large volumes of or safety critical data to the cloud can become problematic. We will talk about smart edge computing that allows data to be analysed locally where it is collected, using state-of-the-art analytical models and machine-learning algorithms. Knowledge is therefore generated locally in real-time, a significate advantage for time and safety sensitive data.

Making it mobile and do more – Computer Vision
How do you turn a pedestrian, car, quad bike, UAV or a drone into a powerful mobile platform that can generate a 3D map of the terrain it moves over? How does an untethered hand-held device measure the distance between test points to sub-millimetre/sub-milliradian accuracy, or create a 3D computer model of an object within seconds? In this presentation we will show you how we flexibly combine computer vision techniques and use commonly available imaging and sensing components to measure, locate, map and track like never before!

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Waikato Innovation Park, 9 Melody Ln, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216

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