Better Exporting Seminar – Technology and Innovation

Better Exporting Seminar – Technology and Innovation

Better Exporting Seminar – Technology and Innovation

The ‘Race to Digital” and how everything changed with Covid-19

We would love to see you and members of your team at our seminar that will showcase and celebrate how three exporters embraced technology and innovation in their race to digital when everything changed post Covid-19.  Hear from Dexibit, Robotic’s Plus and Soul Machines on how they have faced new challenges in a world where international borders closed, travel became difficult and their current strategies were no longer relevant.

Seminar talking points will include:

  • Strategic responses in the face of Covid-19 to ensure accelerated growth
  • How this changed marketing plans and business models
  • Why deep research matters to New Zealand and our rapidly growing tech sector
  • Funding AGI research with global VC’s – the risks, highs, and lows around this
  • Update on current global markets and how to face different challenges in various segments and geographies

ExportNZ see incredible power in companies learning from and listening to other companies’ experiences in different markets and sectors.  Our seminars allow great opportunity to gain insight and inspiration on international growth strategies and ability to talk to like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, gain support and obtain advice.


Pip  Gilbert, Vice President Product  – Dexibit

A status quo-challenger, growth junkie and strategic thinker with expertise in scaling, strategy, product, customer research, innovation, and wild ideas, Pip’s career has spanned analytics, software, services, hardware and more.  She has held leadership roles with NZX-listed exporter EROAD, growth engine The Icehouse, and she is now applying her experience to scaling big data analytics for visitor attractions globally with Dexibit.

Erica Lloyd, Director of Public Sector Strategy – Soul Machines

Erica Lloyd has a background in business, broadcasting and banking. She ran her own technology services company in the film and television industry throughout the 1990’s, worked as an on-air journalist and news and current affairs producer at TVNZ and TV3 before moving into global Public Relations. From there to the BNZ followed by executive roles with Datacom and Callaghan Innovation. Erica is currently heading up the public sector practise globally for world leading AGI company, Soul Machines.

Matt Glenn, CEO at Robotics Plus Ltd

Matt holds extensive experience as an executive in the technology industry. With a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Leeds, Matt moved to New Zealand in 1995 for a Post-Doctoral role at Genesis Research & Development Corporation. Matt became the Head of Genomics at Genesis and what was, at the time, the largest DNA sequencing facility in the Southern Hemisphere, where he gained significant experience in operations and business development. Matt was part of the Leadership Team that led the IPO on NZX and ASX in 2001, raising approximately $50m. Matt has since had roles at Fonterra and Ballance (2003 – 2009), gaining expertise in strategy development; portfolio, programme, project and capability management, commercialisation of science and technology, M&A and PR/communications. Matt also spent a number of years in Management Consultancy (2009 – 2014) working in the Banking and Technology sectors. Prior to joining RPL, Matt was the CEO at Hill Laboratories (2014- 2018), New Zealand’s largest private analytical testing laboratory with over 400 scientists in Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Blenheim and Christchurch. Matt has specific experience developing technology related businesses overseas particularly in Japan, US, UK and China.

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