Better Exporting seminar – managing export risks

Better Exporting seminar – managing export risks

Better Exporting seminar – managing export risks

Learn the key methods of mitigating trade credit risk and how credit insurance protects business.

When an exporter’s major customer, or multiple customers, default on a debt, there are devastating consequences to the company’s cash flow, earnings and capital. In a worst-case scenario, this could literally put the company out of business.

In the context of today’s changing economic climates – domestically and overseas – recognizing and managing risks has become a priority for business leaders. For example, losses attributed to non-payment of a trade debt or a customer’s bankruptcy can, and do, occur regularly. Default rates vary by industry and country, changing from year-to-year, and no industry or company is immune to trade credit risk.

But the risks inherent in trade credit can be mitigated. Hear how, from our experts:

Trevor Farrell – Associate Director, International Business Trade and Supply Chain- Westpac Institutional Bank

Michael Kayes – National Manger, Credit Specialties, Willis Towers Watson

Thomas Sheng – Business Originator, New Zealand Export Credit Office (NZECO)

We will also be joined by Caroline Bilkey, Assistant Secretary and Director Auckland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade who will provide an update on political and market risks exporters need to be aware of.

Ultimately there will be no winners out of a trade war. Even countries that are not directly involved in the trade war will find themselves vulnerable in an uncertain international trading system.  It is important we remain vigilant and pay attention to the dynamics playing out in the political arena.

Following the presentation, you can ask questions of our panel of speakers.

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