Better Exporting Meetup – Manufacturing & HiTech

Better Exporting Meetup – Manufacturing & HiTech

Better Exporting Meetup – Manufacturing & HiTech

Are you an ambitious and motivated Manufacturing and HiTech business with global growth aspirations?

We would love to see you and members of your team at our Manufacturing and HiTech meetup to chat openly with fellow New Zealand exporters. Our presenters Natalie Bilyard, Managing Director at Glidepath, Kevin Flint, General Manager of Oasis Engineering and Ray Connor, CEO of Revolution Fibres will give you there COVID-19 update and share how they have managed to succeed globally through the application of best practice across all elements of their international growth strategy.

ExportNZ is a community of exporters providing each other with the inspiration, collegial support and advice to allow their business to prosper.  We see incredible power in companies learning from and listening to other companies’ experiences in different markets and sectors. To help facilitate the valuable exchange of ideas amongst the group, these events are run in a relaxed, less structured format, and are highly interactive.

Highlights of the meetup:

  • You will hear how businesses have changed their business strategies post Covid-19
  • Importance of being agile in the current climate
  • You will likely hear about problems that you haven’t faced yet, but will in the future.
  • Although you may not be aware of the issue yet, hearing solutions from other professionals will help you plan accordingly
  • Input from many experts with varying perspectives which produces new thinking that challenges existing best practices


Kevin Flint, General Manager – Oasis Engineering

Kevin Flint is the General Manager of Oasis Engineering hand has been with the company since 2007. From the UK, Kevin is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of Production and Design/Development experience. Kevin has managed and mentored in systems and processes including Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, and now a range of digital technologies as part of their Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Ray Connor, CEO – Revolution Fibres

Ray has over 15 years of broad senior commercial experience leading award winning SME growth businesses; with a passion for Export focused technology businesses.  Ray’s background spans a diverse range of industries including IoT sensor development, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics management, food processing tools and technology, sound editing software development and franchise operations.

Natalie Bilyard, Managing Director – Glidepath

For this event, we are accepting registrations from Exporting businesses only.

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