Better Exporting Meetup – ICT

Better Exporting Meetup – ICT

Better Exporting Meetup – ICT

Are you an ambitious and motivated business with global growth aspirations?

We would love to see you and members of your team at our fortnightly meetups to chat openly with fellow New Zealand exporters. Each session will cover a different industry sector where three presenters will give you a post Covid-19 update and follow with how they have previously and are currently succeeding globally through the application of best practice across all elements of their international growth strategy.

ExportNZ is a community of exporters providing each other with the inspiration, collegial support and advice to allow their business to prosper.  We see incredible power in companies learning from and listening to other companies’ experiences in different markets and sectors. To help facilitate the valuable exchange of ideas amongst the group, these events are run in a relaxed, less structured format, and are highly interactive.

Highlights of the meetup:

  • You receive unexpected valuable information.
  • You will likely hear about problems that you haven’t faced yet, but will in the future.
  • Although you may not be aware of the issue yet, hearing solutions from other professionals will help you plan accordingly
  • Input from many experts with varying perspectives which produces new thinking that challenges existing best practices

This session will cover the ICT Industry


Hadleigh Ford, CEO of SwipedOn

“Hadleigh Ford is the founder and CEO of SwipedOn, a leading visitor management solution with over 5,500 locations in 70 countries globally. In 2018 SwipedOn was acquired by UK listed SmartSpace Software.

Hadleigh’s passionate about early stage business and tech led innovation. He is a Master Mariner and former Harbour Pilot with a seagoing career spanning over 18 years”

Carmen Vicelich, Global CEO and Founder of Valocity

“Carmen Vicelich is not your typical anything – a powerhouse entrepreneur who has rapidly built two multi-million-dollar, international data and technology businesses.

Data Insight uses advanced analytics to help businesses leverage data to make data driven decisions and works with industry leaders across multiple verticals while Valocity is a cloud-based Mortgage Lending Platform, transforming and streamlining the mortgage valuation process.”

Chris Leonard is CEO and Co-Founder of SnapComms

Chris Leonard is CEO and Co-Founder of SnapComms, a world-leading provider of internal communications software. He’s built a successful, fast-growing business based on three principles: unwavering commitment to customer service excellence; a genuine desire to push technology to the limit; and leading an industry in product innovation for effective employee communications. A rare breed of financier, entrepreneur and people-person, Chris loves to be involved in all facets of the business. But his true happy place is solving customers’ internal comms challenges. In his spare time, he’s mastered the art of fine wine appreciation. (Unfortunately the same can’t be said for his surfing and skiing skills).

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