Better Exporting Meet Up: 22 Nov

Better Exporting Meet Up: 22 Nov

Better Exporting Meet Up: 22 Nov

Take the opportunity to chat with fellow exporters about any issues facing you as an international trader.

ExportNZ Bay of Plenty runs these free events in a roundtable style format – relaxed and highly interactive – to help facilitate the valuable exchange of ideas amongst the small group of Meet Up participants.

Highlights of roundtable ‘peer review’ conversations include:
–   You receive unexpected valuable information.
–   You will likely hear about problems and solutions that you may not have faced yet.
–   You gather input from many experts with varying perspectives, in differing industries, which produces new thinking that challenges your existing practices.

The Meet Up begins with two speakers sharing how they are succeeding globally through the application of best practice across all elements of their international growth strategies.

Our speakers today will be:
–   Puma Dart Products – Pete Edmondson, Sales Manager
–   Oasis Engineering – Kevin Flint, General Manager

You are encouraged to ask them questions during the session, or informally at the end of the evening.

Seat numbers for these Meet Up events are limited, so we are accepting registrations from exporting businesses only. This is a great chance to join with a wide range of Bay of Plenty exporting businesses!

Kevin Flint

Pete Edmondson

ExportNZ Bay of Plenty thanks BNZ for continuing to support these fantastic events
and for allowing other businesses to learn, prosper and grow.

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